Saturday, November 26, 2022

Cinematography & Filmmaking - Quick Update

I am extremely happy to give this quick life update. I have dedicated more than half my life to art and animation. Making animated flash shorts, animated games, a bunch of viral videos, learning traditional animation, writing about animation and working for a legend in animation.

There has always been this voice in the back of my head that says let’s learn live action filmmaking. I absolutely love film and everything around it. Last year I started writing scripts and wrote 12 short films and 1 feature film. This year, I am learning cinematography and going an extra step by attending a top film school here in Arizona. Which has all the expensive Hollywood equipment! (Cameras, lighting, sound equipment, etc is very expensive!) This does not mean I am done with animation. I will never stop drawing, and promoting animation. I still work for my mentor everyday. He has been telling me to “Go for it Lavalle, you can do anything.” His encouragement really helps break through any doubt. So join me as I post on this channel, news, updates, unboxings, and my whole filmmaking journey.

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