Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Life Drawing 2012 - Day 3

Life drawing!!! Here are some marker poses, I drew on both sides and you can kind of see. I wont do that in the future. I will just draw on one side.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Tom Bancroft Assignment - Trusty

I just started Tom Bancroft's, "Character Mentor Studio" workshops, and it was great! Here is what Tom wanted in the assignment.
"This week’s (optional assignment) assignment:
Pretend I am your client, Mr. Rosenberg. I own a company that makes locks. Strong locks. I want a new character mascot and am hiring you to create him. I also like tabby cat kittens so I want it to be a tabby kitten wearing a shirt with a big lock on it. (Deadbolt style lock). My daughter likes the name Trusty, so that’s his name. He should look strong in his pose. Please give me ONE sketch version of Trusty."
My attempts at Trusty

Tom commented and said my idea was, "clever"! I am so happy to start doing online classes again. Much more to come! 

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