Sunday, November 15, 2009

My thoughts on Japanese Animation & American Animation

I was big into anime when I was younger. But most of it really got repetitive. Then I started studying traditional golden age animation, and anime doesn't even compete. Naruto is the only anime I still watch (subbed).

Japanese animation got popular due to the lack of great animation coming out of America. Most western cartoons being produced in 80's to now, is usually shipped over seas to India, Korea, even Japan.

I went to a Toon boom presentation with the owner, creators, programers and such, they talked so highly of India saying the cost to produce 30 min animation was only 60,000 USD. Korea was 120,000 USD. Then here in the US 300-400,000 USD. Also stated India was one of there biggest clients, bragging they are helping the demise of good western animation from being produced to our faces.

I am sure it is even cheaper to import an anime series/show, dub it with bad actors, release it on american tv, get profit. When I do watch anime it is in Japanese with Sub's. I'd rather watch it with how it was supposed to be. Once the west gets there hands on it, this happends. (Complete transformation!)

Western Terrible English Edit..

Original Hilarious

Anime was fresh and new in the 90's I loved it. It was better than watching what was going on American television. Stories were different alot of the time crazy, but good. You get sucked in.

Then you got today, cartoons such as Total Drama Island.. Aqua Teen Hunger Force (which has funny moments). But with little animation, all tweens.

Anime has some good animation in there theatrical movies, but suffer from very limited animation for tv except select shows (Naruto, Full Metal Alchemist etc).

Now there is a huge following of traditional animation because of people like Don Bluth, John K, Richard Williams are pulling for it better and practically every traditional animator who has online blogs. More books on traditional animation now more than ever too.

People have been growing tired with only seeing CGI movies in theaters. Also bad cartoons on tv. Wow I am turning this into a rant, lol. I want to see a return to traditional animation because,

1. Because drawn animation is the worlds greatest art medium.

2. I want to become a great animator. Change television, change movies. Add something new.

3. Be able to do this.

Talking with some friends today about this, Felt like this was something I needed to get out of my system and on my blog. :)


Anonymous said...

I don't think I've ever seen or heard of that anime before.

Why is it that whenever people try to say that the West completely ruins anime dubs, they always point to series that nobody has ever seen or lines in popular shows that probably don't sound any less cheesy in Japanese than they do in English?

Lavalle Lee said...

You want a popular anime comparison, how about Naruto. In the japanese version he never says "Believe it!" The west added that little gimmick and now little kids run around saying believe it in a dorky way. Terrible idea.