Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Animation Knowledge.

Is all wrong.

I come to realize I know nothing about animating, or animation. I have come up with my own style and its not the right style. So I'm going to learn from ground up. What I would usually do is create a character and just make the cartoon as I go. Usually I wouldn't even storyboard. I'm signing up for some 'life drawing' classes too. (UPDATE: none available until mid july, which i signed up for.)

Im hoping to do do every lesson in this book.

Animators Survival Kit!

I have been making internet cartoons since 2000, but drawing for longer than I can remember. Normally, I finish a new toon, and submit it to various venues. Usually the comments I get are it's to short, not enough animation, its choppy, and unnatural.

I cant afford to goto a top notch 2d animation school, so I must learn on my own. Most professional animators recommend books and the one I would hear mostly is "Animators Survival Kit" So I picked it up. I also bought some other books and even some dvds. Once I start working on them, I will update with my progress here.

I love cartoons, i love watching them, making them, and thinking about them. It is time that I stop how I animate now, and learn to animate the correct way. I will be updating this blog with each lesson that I do on the computer.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Lavalle, great to meet you.
I can understand your ponderings and can well imagine how messy you feel about the animation after so many years of effort. I wish you good luck and hope to meet you on the I am surely not as far as you, because i draw mainly.

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