Sunday, January 3, 2010

Preston Blair - Study 6

Sorry that I keep cutting off part of the ears, I keep running out of page.


Luis María Benítez said...

I've been seing your work and I like your interest, despite you work during the day on something totally different. I'm getting into animation right now, so I still have some doubts and fear. I like you have a steady way of drawing, I see no hesitation there. Are you learning by yourself? Oh, there's a big problem with making stiff animation, you claim to have achieved finally a more loose way of working on animation. What are the mistakes, obstacles? Sorry I have so many questions!

flashcartoons said...

Thanks for the comment. To be more loose with your artwork and animation, you have to be more loose with the pencil. Not until I started learning traditional animation have I seen the errors of my way.

A good book to pick up would be Richard Williams The Animators Survival Kit. In the first chapter he explains animation and what you need to become a animator. Really good book.